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From Veggie Zest!

Living in cow country(Texas), I am so jealous.  We are starting to see cities with food trucks around the state.  However, vegetarian?  I think we are going to have a little bit of a wait for those.

At least restaurants are much more vegetarian friendly these days.  When we moved here we were lucky to get a Cesar’s salad without the meat.  I would ask for a vegetarian entree for dinners and receptions and get boiled vegetables.  Yuck!

I was at a banquet recently, where my main entree was a delicious tofu dish.  Times are a changin’!




SO here is a post about all the food trucks you see lingering around the streets of Vancouver. This is the first roundup of some of the trucks – I have listed four of them with vegetarian options. Over a period of time I am going to do more posts with food trucks. Hope you […]

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