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Summer in Vancouver is shaping up to be cool and rainy; I won’t lie, I love this cooler weather and the rainy days. I’ll admit that I do miss eating food in the sunshine, there’s something remiss about eating local strawberries while huddled under a blanket, wearing thick wooly socks. So this Sunday, when we had […]

via Watermelon Gazpacho — musicwithdinner

The other day I read that we had record breaking temperatures across the Midwest in  June.  3 degrees above normal.  It’s already pretty hot in Texas.  I live on Galveston Island and we have been in the upper 80s.  Pretty warm for us too.

So here is another gazpacho recipe.  This time made from watermelon.  And before you go thinking watermelon?  Look at the recipe.  It has serrano peppers as an ingredient.  I am from Texas and we like a little kick in what we eat!  The sweetness of the watermelon along with the heat of the peppers sounds great!




4 Ways To Use All Those Fennell Seeds You Don’t Know What To Do With!

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Fennell seed

I have a ton of Fennel in my yard.  Front and back.  I started with one plant about 6 years ago.  Now I have 40!.  It self seeds and spreads really easily.  So I am always looking for ways to use fennel.  In the spring, the bulbs are wonderful in salads.  I have made a bruschetta of caramelized onion and fennel.  My husband uses it on pizza sometime.  In early summer, the fennel has lacy yellow flowers.  Honey bees love it for the nectar.  I will pick it and put in a vase.  Looks really lovely.  Right now the flowers are gone.  The seeds are coming.  I do use them for my vegan sausage.  As I said though, I have a lot of plants, so that means a lot of seeds.  So I went searching for new recipes.  Here are what I found.

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Watermelon Characters From the pARTy planning blog!

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This week’s catch!

Heidi from  the pARTy planning blog has just shared a great idea for this week’s barbecue.  Watermelon Characters!  They adorable.  Check it out.   http://theartinpartyplanning.com/2015/05/27/watermelon-characters/

 Check out the rest of her blog.  She has some fun posts on it!

I have a Sunday brunch this weekend that I plan on bring the Finding Nemo character.  What a way to wow people!