Some Valentine Limericks!

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I hope you all have had a great Valentine’s Day.  That you spent today with someone special.  It could be your husband.  Parents.  Or that special friend that you have known forever.  Who is there for you no matter what.

allthewayJim and I celebrated Valentine’s Day yesterday by going to the play “All The Way!”  You have got to go and see it if it comes near you.  It’s about President Lyndon Johnson.  What was so great about it was how it was staged.

Afterwards we went to dinner at Baba Yegas in the Montrose area in Houston.  A wonderful restaurant!  One of the most vegetarian/vegan baba yega frontfriendly restaurants I have been to.  I always find something ON the menu that I can eat.  Last night it was roasted artichokes.  I will be posting on that later.


For today, I want to wrap up Valentine’s Day with some limericks.  I am not much with poetry.  I like the extremely romantic poems.  Then I like limericks.  Limericks are funny.  I like that things actually rhyme.  Limericks are recent inventions in the scheme of things.  It came  from social gatherings where a group sang “Will you come up to Limerick?” after each set of limericks spoken and then the members of the party had to make up their own limericks.

Jim likens limericks to the Japanese Haiku.  Or if you want to compare it to our present day,   rap.   Rap is much more free form however.  Limericks are big in our family.  We have a shelf of books.  Some of the limericks would make you blush!   So here you go! 

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Valentine’s Day Ideas and Thoughts on Commercialism

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From How To $tuff Your Pig!

Reading this post got me thinking about how Jim and I have spent Valentine’s Day together.  The worst one was before we got married.  Was the time that he had to be in Detroit for business.  Didn’t get to see him at all that Valentine’s Day.  The best Valentine’s Days have always been the ones where we just did something simple.  Like prepare a meal together.


This year we will be biking all day on Sunday.  Then come home to cook something together.  Two of our favorite things to do.   What are you planning?  Click the link to get some ideas!



Source: Valentine’s Day Ideas and Thoughts on Commercialism




Always On My Mind Blog Party

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From Yadadarcyyada!


What can I say?  I love reading yadadarcyyada.  Today’s blog really has me spinning.  I have been thinking about decisions made in the recent past.  Second guessing myself.  After reading this, I am all “Oh what the heck?  So I made bad decisions!” and I can shrug it off!  Thanks Darcy!


So here’s something to think about!


Source: Always On My Mind Blog Party




20 Healthy Trail Mix Recipes to Mix Yourself

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From Daily Recreation!


The other day, I had been running from pillar to post.  I had forgotten to eat anything for breakfast.  No lunch either.  So about 4 p.m. I weakly walked into a local HEB(Texas Supermarket).  I didn’t want just fruit.  That would just spike my blood sugar for a little bit.


I needed protein and fat.  Lots of it!  I thought why not Trail Mix?  I went to that area.  What they had was pretty disappointing.  The mixes all had some form of candy in them.  Chocolate chips.  M&Ms.  Not my kind of thing.  I eventually did buy a bag and picked out all the chips.


I decided that I was going to start making my mix and taking a bag with me when I went out.  The next day, I saw a this post.  Talk about coincidence!


20 Healthy Trail Mix Recipes to Mix Yourself




Roasted Root Vegetable Galette

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From Bella’s Belly!


One of the most wonderful things to eat are roasted vegetables!  When you roast vegetables, the flavor is much more intense.  And the roasting caramelizes the vegetables, so that they taste sweet.


I never had them before I became a vegetarian.  Once I had them, I was hooked and now we have them several times a month.  One of the perks of going vegetarian was finding new ways to prepare food!


Source: Roasted Root Vegetable Galette




Cream of Potato & Fennel Soup w/Mushrooms

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From GardeningB!


I has been pretty cold for the Gulf Coast.  Low 50s in the days and 40s at night.  We live on an island, so the cold seems colder with the damp.  I am constantly am looking for warm filling foods at this time of year.


I saw this recipe for potato and fennel soup.  Yum!  What’s even better is that I have a ton of wild fennel growing in my yard.  I love potato soup.  I think the fennel will sweeten it up.  I hope you try it!



Source: Cream of Potato & Fennel Soup w/Mushrooms




Now in Print: How to Be a Healthy Vegetarian by Nancy Addison

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From Creative Administration!


I don’t know what kind of New Year’s resolutions(I am not a believer in them) you might make, but I know that I always make a resolution for healthy eating.  And I do this throughout the year.


I think that vegetarian can be pretty healthy.  Though I have vegetarian friends that are anything but healthy.  One of them can’t give up fried food.  She loves fried mozzarella.  Fried hush puppys.  You get the idea.  The sad thing is that she’s a nurse.


Check out this book, but also check out the blog Creative Administration.  They say that everyone has a book in them.  This person looks like they could help you!


Source: Now in Print: How to Be a Healthy Vegetarian by Nancy Addison




7 Ways To Make the Holiday Special For Your Kids

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I love this article.  So often the focus on Christmas revolves our what gifts we are getting.  What about giving to others?  And the most important gift we can give?  Our time to others.  That time will make lasting memories for us.  Much more so than the newest play station.  So here are the three ideas I love.

Bake something

I loved baking with my son when he was little!  We would really get down and dirty here.  I didn’t care about the mess.  Laughing and having fun was much more important.  Besides, we got to taste test as we went along!

This is one of the easiest ways to show your kids what a special time the holidays are.  You can teach them how to bake cookies. Maybe you can pass on an old family recipe, as you show them step-by-step how to do it. Of course, with younger children, you will need to take precautions, and show them how to be safe when using sharp instruments and doing things near hot ovens.




Help someone in need

I try to live by the idea that if I lift someone up, I also lift myself up.  This has helped me in some of my hardest times.  You don’t have to do something big or expensive.

One of the most important and valuable lessons any parent can teach a child is for them to learn how to do something to help others. Whether it is helping a friend do their homework, or helping an elderly person with yard work, doesn’t matter. What really matters is that they learn to give some of their time and energy in a way that will help someone else. They learn to give, rather than take. And, in the process, they will learn to value how it makes them feel good inside to do it.


We have been helping deliver gifts through Blue Santa.  We’re almost done.  And parents have been really appreciative.  Who wants to see their kids sad on Christmas day?


It’s not too late to do something with your children.  One thing you could do is find a nursing home in your neighborhood and bring some cookies to your neighbors there.  You would not believe how many people who live there have no family.  Just stopping by for a short time will make their day so much brighter!





Take them to a holiday movie

Going to a holiday movie with your child is another fun thing to do this time of year. There are usually a few animated Disney movies that come out in the winter time, especially for young people. Going to a movie will show your children that they can enjoy doing things with you that will benefit them. This can be one way that they learn to enjoy doing things that are fun and important to them, and not just having to always do what grownups do.

Watching a movie can spark their imaginations and creativity and show them what a fun time they can have with the family.





Go here to find out what movies are opening!


Some more ideas!

Enjoy Your Day!


Our Vegetarian Christmas Dinner

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Above is an ice sculpture from Ice Land on the Island.  It’s the coldest place here.  Beautiful sculptures!

Christmas is nearly here and I am sitting here planning what Jim and I are going to do to celebrate it.  I feel like we have been on a holiday tear since Thanksgiving.  Jim agrees with me that it is going to be just the two of us.

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