My Week In The Blogosphere!

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Rosemary in my garden.

Another week blogging.  I love it.  Everyday I learn something new.  I make new blog friends.  I just have a blast!  I just want to share some of the new blogs and posts that I like.  I also wanted to repost the recipes from this week.  Just in case you didn’t get a look at them.  I think they are pretty good!

Did you know that WordPress has a weekly Photo challenge?  Here is this week’s challenge:

And I found the Food Blog Diary!  If you have a recipe with a cool photo that you want to get out to the world, this is one place to go.  They have foodie challenges, events and giveaways.  Weekly and monthly.  On different topics related to food.  So much fun!  For food blogging challenges

The Quiet Baker is so awesome.   She has made baking into an art!  Check out her baby girl oneies.  If you are a mom, this brings back memories.\

Life As We See…  has a wonderful perspective.

Some posts from Blogs that I have been following:

I love oats.  Fuelledbyoats has some wonderful ideas on how to use them.  Here is her chocolate chia pudding.

I love how foodfulife uses unusual pairings to emphasize food.

And I can’t help myself!  I love this offering from theARTinpartyplanning.  So clever and fun!  

And just to to pat myself on the back, I posted some more of the recipes that I make.  All tested in Chez Casey.  And they have the Jim Casey seal of approval!  If you didn’t get a chance to see them, here are the links!  

Fig, Tomato, & Kale Salad  

Poached Peaches Over Ice Cream

I will be posting more recipes this upcoming week!  Thanks for stopping by!


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