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Scrumptious all-in-one wrap — Nyum nyum Food

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Serves 4-6 Want to prepare a gourmet meal to satisfy your taste buds, but keep it simple? This recipe ticks all three boxes: easy, satisfying and filling! Ingredients: Ingredients may vary depending on your preferences and availability Wholewheat wraps Plain Feta Butternut Onion Cherry Tomatoes Cucumber Basil Leaves Rocket Leaves Kidney Beans Balsamic Vinegar Olive […]

From Nyum nyum Food!

I think that wraps are one of the greatest inventions in recent food history!  Just slap something on them and roll them up.  I love the chewiness of the wraps compared to bread you get in the store.

And this looks absolutely fabulous.  And I know that salty creaminess of the Feta will blend so well with the sweet butternut squash.  What more can you ask?




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No-Chicken Noodle Soup — Vegetarian Delights

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Yesterday was officially mine and my husband’s one year wedding anniversary! I really can’t believe that we’re here already. 2014 seemed to drag into April of 2015. Then, all of a sudden we’re married for a year. This year has been a fun year for us- we moved to a new house about 2 weeks […]

From Vegetarian Delights!


Congratulations on being married 1 year!  My husband and I are celebrating our anniversary next week.  I do have to say that we have a few years on you all.  That time goes fast!

I love your no-chicken noodle soup.  Talk about an ultimate comfort food.  I remember my mom would open a can of chicken noodle soup when it was cold and windy out.  It always warmed us from our toes to the tip of our heads.  This looks like a wonderful recipe.  One I am going to try.






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Baked Harissa Tofu [Vegan & Gluten Free]

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From Eat2Health Blog!

This baked Harissa tofu looks wonderful! If you never have tried Harissa sauce you should try it. It is a rich, smoky, and piquant taste. I love it.

Also, most people have never had tofu made right. The result is that you often end up with mouthful of mush, even in restaurants! What you have to do is press it to get the water out. I take a cookie sheet and line it with paper towel. Put slices of tofu on it and layer some more paper towel on it. Put it another cookie sheet on top and weight it down for 15 minutes. The water gets squeezed out and the paper towels soak it up. The texture is so much better.


Eat2Health Blog

Serves: 2-4
Prep: 35 mins + overnight (8-12hrs)
Cooking: 30-35 mins
Type: Main meal
Tools: Chopping board(s), small frying pan, frying spatula, small bowl, rolling pin or large spoon, sharp knife, fork, large measuring jug, kitchen paper, large bowl, kitchen film, baking tray, parchment paper

Notes: This recipe contains: B-Vitamins, Vitamin C & E, carbohydrates, protein, fibre, calcium, copper, iron, manganese, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, selenium, zinc and per serving (based on 4) contains a low quantity of added sugar*, saltand saturated fats*. *Depending upon the variety and quantity of paste (or preserve) or the quantity of oil, maple syrup and/or added salt used.

As we approach salad and tasty sandwich (aka picnic) season (although this still seems like a million miles away!), it’s still a good idea to have some new and tasty ideas up our sleeves; such as a new flavour of tofu to throw into the mix! 

Feeling inspired by our latest…

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Baba Ganoush, Hummus and Pita Bread.

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From Passion Cook!

This reminds me of the Good Old Days when Jim and I were dating. We are from Chicago that has 4 blocks of wonderful Greek restaurants. It’s called Greek Town of course!

My office was about 3 blocks from there and many a time I would call Jim and say I am too lazy to make dinner, what about you? He would automatically ask “Greek Town.”

Hummus on pita was my favorite dish. Jim loved Saganaki which they would bring to the table and light. Everyone around us would be yelling Opah! Fun times!


Alina Can Cook

As i have mentioned in my earlier posts, i am vegetarian for a month. The thing that i do once or twice a year. My body is just asking for it, i guess. And i find, that the most difficult in vegetarian diet is to get a proper amounts of proteins, as i am well aware of their impotency.

Generally i am not agreeing with a vegetarian concept, and wouldn’t like to be a permanent vegetarian. Even though i was brought up by vegetarian mother and have been vegetarian for 5 years.

As my “Anatomy, Physiology and Human Biology” lecturer once said-” Yesterday i had a potato for dinner, that means i ate my cousin”. We do share a DNA with all plants and they also feel pain, when killed. So what is the solution here? Eat each other?

Anyway, cooking vegetarian dishes is not easy, as i get bored…

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Photos: Ultra-fashionable seniors are proof that style can get better with age — Quartz

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Valerie Von Sobel just had a birthday. In March, the philanthropist and artist noted her new age in an Instagram picture, dressed in second-skin leggings and a white blouse overlaid in a sheer black fabric, perhaps organza. It is not the outfit you’d expect of someone born three-quarters of a century ago, but at 75,…


Hey!  We can get better with age!


They say that more and more people are living longer.  Not only that, but healthier.

I use to say ‘yeah right’.  However they say that a picture is worth a thousand words!

I have a ways to go before I hit 75, but it looks like it can be pretty exciting.





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Chocolate cupcakes without sugar and flour — Cooking without Limits

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Yeah!! Finally I found a recipe for my boy for cupcakes without flour and sugar. They called it Paleo recipe, I call it a very healthy and with a great taste recipe for cupcakes. I added a chocolate frosting without sugar and I got an amazing dessert for our family. With white sugar being added […]


I hadn’t realized until a few weeks ago that more and more people are looking for gluten free foods.  And recipes.  I had made some dishes for a reception that were labeled “gluten-free”.  People gravitated to them and they were gone by the end of the reception.

Ever since, I have been on the look out for recipes that are “gluten-free”.  So when I saw one for cupcakes without flour?  Interesting.  I checked it out and they right!  Better yet, they were chocolate(one of my serious weaknesses).  I am saving this one!




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Blueberry Custard Pie Bars

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From The Frugal Hausfrau!


I am not much on blueberries, but I do like to look at pictures and decided to check out the post.  I saw this photo and thought OMG!!  This looks so luscious and fabulous.  Something that I could scarf right down.  I looked at the recipe and saw that she also has a tip on how to make it a lemon/blueberry.  That’s even better!!





I suppose these bars should have a better name. They’re luscious, creamy and dreamy from the silky custard topping, just bursting with blueberries, all the way down to the gorgeous shortbread…

Source: Blueberry Custard Pie Bars

Cinnamon Apple Muffins Recipe

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A few weeks ago, I had a couple of little itty bitty apples that looked like they were past their best used by date.  I hate throwing anything out.  So I went looking for an apple muffin recipe.  I found the perfect recipe on a site called Add a Pinch.
They were Cinnamon Apple Muffins and they were perfect!  Jim gave it two thumbs up.  I hope you try them.

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Grilled Goat Cheese Sandwich —

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Just saw on Twitter; it’s national grilled cheese day! Oh and I LOVE grilled cheeses! I had to do something about it… so I’ve checked the fridge and saw some leftovers from my beets patties recipe, a leftover of goat cheese, baguette and just bought some good fresh basil leaves. Heavenly mix! It’s not a classic […]

I didn’t know that it was grilled cheese day!  We love grilled cheese it this house.  I like the idea of using goat cheese.  We tend to go for a cheddar or Swiss.  How much more milder.  I was trying to think about what to do for dinner tonight.  Something fast and easy.  I think that I will try the goat cheese with some roasted vegetables!  Thanks!





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Strawberry Rhubarb Tart — Swirls and Spice

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My college housemates will remember this tart. It graced the cover of our exclusive cookbook; in the arial shot you could hands and forks ready to dive in to the sweet fruity goodness. Two decades later this strawberry tart is still going strong. The version you see here has some frozen rhubarb added for good measure. I […]

Wow!  It’s rhubarb season again!  Did you know that rhubarb is considered a vegetable?  It doesn’t have seeds quite like fruit.  Yet you would never know this.  The only time I have seen rhubarb used is in pies or ice cream sauces or wine.  Hmm.  The wine sounds good.

We moved a lot when I was a kid.  The last thing that was packed into the car before we left for our new home was my mom’s rhubarb plants.  She must have moved those plants 6 -7 times in 20 years.  My father loved it.

I saw this tart.  It looks scrumptious!  Strawberries make everything better!




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