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I saw this video and just had to share it.  Talk about Christmases past!


I love cats.  I love the fact that they are soft and furry.  Snuggly.  At the same time, I love their fierce independence.  Their attitude that the world was their oyster so to speak.


I pretty much have had cats my whole adult life.  My first one was Rusty.  He was this gorgeous  tortoise shell cat.  Unfortunately, Jim turned out to be allergic to him.  Fortunately, I had a friend who just loved Rusty.


That didn’t stop me from having them.  I learned that all I had to do was bring Jim with me to sniff them.  You could say that they had to past the ‘smell’ test.  If they passed, they had a home.


So we had cats up until recently when Pyewacket passed away.  I so appreciate this video.  I loved all the antics.  Especially, seeing the kitty climb up to the top of the tree.  We had tiger lily who loved doing that.  She would climb up there and was queen of her world until she jumped down and knocked over the tree.  LOL!  We did learn to tie up the tree.

Please check out the video.  I think that you will get quite a chuckle out of it!


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Source: VIDEO/Cats love Christmas, too 🙂





One thought on “VIDEO/Cats love Christmas, too :)

    mopana said:
    December 17, 2015 at 2:20 pm

    Your story is delicious 🙂 I love this line: “If they passed, they had a home.” :)) I am glad you liked that video. I send you a little cat =^..^= to see if she will have a home too


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